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Larry Eversull - Founder and President of Eversull Commercial Properties

Larry Eversull

Larry first became interested in development when as a young New Mexico police officer he visited his parents in Sedona in 1956. Dad had open Sedona’s first real estate office, The Oak Creek Land Company.

It wasn’t long after that visit that he moved to Scottsdale where he became a private investigator and founded the security and alarm company Arizona Safeguard Systems Inc. and today is better known as Safeguard Security Systems.Upon selling the company, an offer he couldn’t refuse, he pursued his dream of becoming a developer. Being the great visionary that he is, with drive and ambition forged ahead and as a pilot he flew around California, Arizona, and Mexico creating and bringing together his developments. While spending time in Salinas CA on his projects he also became the largest share holder and Co-founder of the Monterey Bank.

As one long time friend states “Larry everything you do turns to gold”

“One More Deal” is Larry’s motto and he is still active in the daily operations of the business.
Brad Eversull

Brad Eversull

Brad learned the real-estate development and land use business from his father in Sedona, Arizona and he learned his artistic design talents from his mother in Monterey, California. He is a self-taught carpenter, artistic woodworker and remodel designer. Additionally, Brad has two cedar plank house models that are on exhibit at the Autry National Center in L.A. and at the California Native History museum.

Brad has a Bachelor degree in Wildlife Biology where he worked as a field biologist for seven years; four seasons as the Crew Leader on the NOGO Hawk survey and three seasons as a Level 3 Aquatic Stream surveyor. In 1995, Brad started working as a carpenter building custom homes in Plumas County and in 2002, started a woodshop building custom furniture, decks and arbors in Truckee, CA. 2004 had Brad finishing out a remote custom home with an antique plank floor that had 180 wood inlays and a massive three level mahogany deck.

Starting in 2005, Eversull Commercial Properties has kept Brad busy with the daily operations of each project that is acquired. As a jack of all trades; he is responsible for maintaining the properties, along with designing the future development plans for each project. He has his sights on obtaining an MBA in Business.
Suzanne Eversull

Suzanne Eversull

In Canada, Suzanne graduated at the top of her class with a degree in Tourism Management - Marketing, Planning and Development - along with receiving the Canada Wonderland award and Alumni award. Over the years she worked mostly on the marketing side of the tourism industry with positions such as County Tourism Ambassador, marketing and sales administrator for tourist regions and Chamber of Commerce.

Thirteen years ago she married Larry and together they have worked closely on a structuring and creating a number of projects in California and Arizona.


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